Grand Prix Gloria S Beregov Irtyasha

DOB:  October 22, 2006

SIRE:  INT CH  Tramin Waiting for You

DAM:  RUS CH  Strong Stael Odelain Angel


Health Clearances

Hips:  OFA GR-100038F38F-VPI  Fair

Elbows:  OFA GR-EL21584F38-VPI Normal

Eyes:  OFA  CERF Sept 2010

Heart:  Normal - General Practitioner

Gloria has whelped three litters:

B Litter (no pictures available - hardrive crash)

Classic Rock Litter  August 2012

E Litter - May 11, 2014

Gloria stands out with our golden family with her intelligence level, which is 2nd to none.  We have owned a number of dogs in the last 30 years and she is the smartest.  Gloria made the trip from Russia at 5 months of age.  As soon as her paws hit Canadian soil she became "queen" of our yard...we saw the passing of the crown from Jasmine to Gloria...a very memorable event in 2007. Gloria's thought process is more like a human's way of interpretting situations.  She is the opposite of Dinnye...everyone is a stranger until she has a chance to size you up and then accept you as her friend.  It took us a while to realize that we needed to work with her unique personality.  When people come over we ask them not to reach down and pet Gloria until she comes over to sniff and bump the hand to pet her...that is her signal that you are approved.  You are now a friend for life.  Gloria is a retrieving fool and has a fetish for carrying socks around.  We speak fulls sentences to Gloria and she understands 98% of what we say.  She's a window watcher and knows all our neighbors by name...we ask her if "    " is outside and she looks in the direction of their house.  Gloria is fearless and I have no doubt she would protect me to the end if the situation called for it.  She is not a stereotype of the breed - rather she is an interesting unique golden...some of her qualities are endearing and others are challenging...but this is what makes her Gloria!

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