Grand Prix Gloria x Icefiction from Mariannehouse

6 strapping males & 2 dainty females

DOB:  August 5, 2012

All Puppies are spoken for - as of October 24th

Icefiction from Mariannehouse
Some of the stacked pictures aren't great - that was the best we could do today!

Ms Orange   3 kgs (6.6 lbs)   B. Gilmore - Montana
Honky Tonk Woman    (Rolling Stones)
Ms. Brown  2.7 kgs (6 lbs)   Jelsing Family  Stanton, ND
Livin' on  a Prayer   (Bon Jovi)
Mr. Red  2.66 kgs (5.85 lbs)    Manz Family - Regina, SK
Walk This Way    (Aerosmith)

 Mr. Black  2.3 kgs (5.06 lbs)  Michelle - Victoria, BC
Crazy Train   (Ozzy Osborne)

Mr. Yellow  3.10 kgs (6.82 lbs)  N & O Tisserand   Calgary, AB
Glory Days   (Bruce Springstein)
Mr. Blue 2.14 kgs (4.71 lbs)  Laparierre Family - Regina, SK
School of Rock  (ACDC)
Mr. Green  2.35 kgs (5.17 lbs)  K. Purvis - Brandon, MB
This Child of Mine  (Guns N Roses)
Nugget  1.6 kgs (3.52 lbs)  A. Gross Family - Regina, SK
Teddy Bear  (Elvis)
  What else could you call a boy this small - he is a perfect small package  available
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