Our Journey

Like all good things in life, there's a story to be told.  Our journey began over 20 years ago when we bought our first golden, Jasmine.  I had fallen in love with the breed and when the time was right with our family, we picked up a seven week old bundle of energy from a nearby breeder.  Jasmine was a joy to have around - beautiful, intelligent, attentive - everything I had read about.  Her fetish is any kind of ball - she's the fielder when we play catch with a softball and she's a retrieving fool when our son hits golfballs into a field.  Shortly after we bought Samson, a registered male from Rugby, North Dakota.  Sam was like a big lion - big in stature and body with a full dense coat.  Sam has been laid back and good natured and doesn't see the sense in chasing a ball.  The two had four litters together, where we learned the ins and outs of the business.  Next we introduced Spruce Grove Leeah from Melfort, Saskatchewan.  We bought her as a 3 year old and she adjusted to our family instantly.  Leeah was a dainty girl, avoiding all puddles and mud so she could keep herself meticulously clean.  Leeah's claim to fame is giving birth to 17 puppies in December 2000 - what a mother!  Together with our supplement feeding, she raised all healthy 17 pups - what an experience!  When we retired Leeah, we kept a female puppy, Chelsey Prairie Dream.  Chelsey is a lot like her mother - tail wagging 24/7.  She is a large female with a big beautiful head and delicate feminine features.  


About 18 months ago our path took a turn - I came across a picture of an English type (also referred to as English Creme, Cream, "white"  Golden Retriever) and decided right there that was the future for GoldSmith Kennels.  After months of surfing websites and researching pedigrees, I bought Charlie (White Dove Charles in Charge) from White Dove Ranch, California.  Charlie, nine months old, came to us from sun and sand to weather our cold Manitoba winter.  He adjusted beautifully and if he could talk, I think he'd tell you he prefers the snow. Sadly, we can't use Charlie for breeding and was recently was replaced with Tucker. In April of 2007 we welcomed our Russian Girl, Grand Prix Gloria, from Rus Pekos, Moscow.  As a five month old, Gloria was a happily adjusted dog who took over our household the minute she arrived on Canadian soil.  So beautiful and so smart, Gloria insists on being an indoor dog and loves to be with us.  She's a fanatic about retrieving , with is an attestment to her champion laden pedigree.  When she's reprimanded she sometimes responds with a tone that mimics your own and I believe she's just told me where to go!  Our lives would be less interesting without Gloria.  Tucker also did not pass health clearances so we found a great home from him and walked away from the breeder.


So that takes us to now, 2008.   And now for an exciting update:  Earlier I mentioned coming across an English type Golden Retriever - Camrose Chevanne Appollo.  We have just bought him! I came across an internet ad featuring adult dogs for sale.  When I saw it was Snow Pines Retrievers I was very curious.  A few emails and phone calls later, we now have now introduced Appollo to the GoldSmith gang -  July 14th.  Thank you to Sandy Bauer of Snowy Pines Retrievers in Wisconsin. 


2009:  2009 has brough a few changes to our lives.  We sold our property to the interprovincial pipeline that was going thru our land, and as a result, we bought a house/yard in the neighboring town.  The reduced space has forced us to home several of our seniors.  We sold Appollo to a family in Landmark who is just starting up with breeding English Goldens.  We retain full rights to use Appollo.  Chelsey is with a young family in Winnipeg - we will breed her with Appollo one last time - either this fall or spring of 2010.  Sam went to his retirement home on a farm near Steinbach.  Tucker is being fostered by a family nearby.  His elbows did not pass so we have to find a good permanent home for him.  Update:  Thankfully, another family decided to take Tucker as a pet for their young family.  Their compassion is amazing - they had a double elbow surgury done so Tucker wouldn't suffer as much. Jasmine, our 14 year old, and Gloria live with us currently.  Dion (Chrys-Haefen Taking Chances) will be joining us at the end of May - we are looking forward to getting to know this 10 month old puppy.  Our plans are to return her to Chrys-Haefen in 2010 and Rebecca McCauley will show her to her Canadian Championship.


We are looking for an acreage again so we have room to breathe and our dogs can once again enjoy wide open spaces.  

Update Nov 09:  It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our first golden Jasmine.  She made the journey across Rainbow Bridge at age 14 years and 8 months.  Just a few weeks earlier she made a bit of a miracle comeback - a cat was living in our back yard and Jasmine had a real hate for cats.  Practically blind and deaf, she was able to sniff out the cat and even pounced at it several times, though she just found air each time.  Now towards the end we knew it was time to say goodbye.  Thanks for being our first golden Jazzy !


We've managed to add some "space" to our lives - we just purchased 2 waterfront acres with a cabin - only a 45 minute drive from our house.  Looking forward to enjoying the great outdoors and having more than a small backyard.  The dogs will love swims in the river, romps through the woods chasing squirrels and birds and lazy evenings in front of the woodstove.

Update Mar 2010We are very excited to announce the addition of Bonett Bride Active Hunter (Dinnye) from Bonett Bride, Hungary.  She will be mated to Bonett Bride Double Decker and flown to us after sonogram confirms pregnancy.  We have high expectations for this English litter.  Along with the good news comes the bad news.  Appollo was examined by a vet after he failed to produce semen during an AI process.  It was determined that his testicles were shriveled and much too small for a dog his size and age.  This why he didn' t produce any semen, therefore no sperm.  This is also something that doesn't happen overnight. Unfortunately the breeder that sold him to me as a stud has no remorse about selling me a dog that could not carry out his sire duties. Not one puppy produced from attempted breedings. This is a reminder that breeder's integrity is one of the most important traits when dealing with breeders.  Appollo will be sold as a pet and live out his years in a family situation.  

  Dec 12 2010:  So much has happened since my last update.  Dinnye had a wonderful litter of 4 pups May 19 - our first English litter and they were superb.  Dinnye is a perfect dog - well mannered - loves everyone and expects everyone to love her.  She's quite a character - loves to play - loves to go to our cabin and retrieve sticks out of the river.  She's quite competitive with Gloria about getting that stick.  In July we added Aldridge of the Little Promise to our program.  4 years old - a great pedigree with strong Dewmist influence - and EXCELLENT hips!  He is staying with Christina Janz in Landmark.  In August we bred Gloria to Troy - sonogoram showed 2 maybe 3 pups - vet told us to plan on a small litter.  October 12 - 9 puppies were born!  The other 6 must have been in hiding - what a surprise - a mixed blessing!  Puppies are healthy and beautiful.  Five left last weekend - picked up by their respective families. We have 4 out of the 9 with us - one is leaving for Thompson at the end of the week.  A male is flying to Colorado the following week and a family is picking their's up Boxing Day.  1 female needs to stay with us for an extended stay.  8 days ago she developed puppy strangles - something I had never heard of before last week.  We caught it early thank goodness and she is on 14 days of steroids and antibiotics - will see the vet again next weekend and will be weaned off the steroids.  When the vet gives her  a clean bill of health we will find a pet home for her.  She is such a trooper and a very smart personable girl - will make some family very happy!   On December 1 we introduced Bonett Bride British Flame  aka "JAZZ" to Manitoba.  She made the long trip from Hungary and is fitting in very nicely.  Had a joyful reunion with Dinnye - 1st day of introductions was uneventful - on the 2nd day Jazz started jumping on Dinnye and i knew then that they remembered each other.  Very thankful for the relationship that I have developed with Krisztina Suli of Bonett Bride Kennel in Hungary.  2 great dogs! Jazz is a TV watcher.  We've had dogs that glance at the TV occasionally - she actually watches!  Bruce watches Animal Planet quite often and he has had to turn away because she has reacted with growling and barking.  Bears and wildebeast are are not in her good books - giraffes, lions, leopards and monkeys are okay.  She didn't like the pitbull on Dog Whisperer either - funny girl!  Love to see the intelligence in her eyes - you can tell that she processes everything she sees.  A bit of a chewer - mangled my good pair of dress shoes and one slipper - I guess leaving them in her reach makes us enablers!  She at least had the decency to look remorseful when I showed her the damaged goods.  Sure she'd do it again if she had the chance!  Other than that she is perfect!  Looking forward to the holidays.  Making breeding plans for 2011 - check out our Future Plans section - we have some exciting litters planned for next year!  Will also launch a new website in February 2011.


We're still on this journey - loving every minute of it - not sure where it's going to take us - hopefully we'll be fortunate enough to meet you!


GoldSmith Retrievers est 1996