DOB:  April 20, 2010

SIRE:  Multi CH  Tramin Magellan

DAM:   MULTI CH  Tramin Lovestory



Health Clearances

Hips:  BVA A1

Elbows:  0/0

             Eyes:  Normal CERF Jan 2016

                       Heart:  Normal   - Cardiologist CERF Aug 2016

Ichytosis:  Carrier

PRA    Clear

PRA-D   Clear

84 lbs 

Duke arrived in Canada from his home in the Ukraine in September 2011.  He comes from a long line of champions and was the pick male of a breeding done with Magellan, owned by Lena Ushan of Tramin Kennel.  Lena and I struck up a friendship through regular email and when I saw she had Valik (Duke) for sale I asked that he stay with her and be campaigned as a Junior and to be a Multi Champion as an adult dog.  When it was done, I believe she called the results "titanic" as he achieved this status in record time.  When I first saw Duke, he was everything I hoped he be...big beautiful head, tall in stature, and very regal - he has a real physical presence.  What a fun loving exhuberant boy!  Pretty sure he has a canine version of ADHD as he cannot concentrate on anything for very long.  And that is the bane of his existence...he has only "pretty boy" status at this time...we've tried several matings with our girls and he has not been able to carry out his stud duties.  We are giving him more time to mature and have our fingers crossed that that is what he needs - we plan on mating him to Jazz this summer. In the meantime he is loved by a family in Winnipeg...someone who loves him for what he is...a big loveable teddy bear like golden with a goofy personality and is bigger than life! 

Update Sep 30 2013:  Duke (He goes by Quincy with his caregiver) has now given up his "Pretty Boy only" status. After 1.5 years of maturing, he has figured out his stud duties...still a pretty boy.  Duke and Jazz should be proud parents of very nice puppiesDecember 1, 2013.  He has matured into a great dog...I could not be happier and I know that Cathy, his caregiver, gives him a lot of love and individual attention that all dogs should have.

Duke as a 2 month old puppy in the Ukraine 

Duke in Winning Form
Duke loving the outdoors
Duke's Head Shot - true golden expression
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