Week 4 Pictures - Dec 28 - Jan 3 2014

The First feeding with puppy food went very well.  They were very ready for solid food.  The gains were a bit lower the last two days - they all knew what to do with the food - noses down and slurped up the food.  I soaked the food in hot water - mashed it and served it....there was just a bit left over after the meal so Jazz came in to clean up - puppies take advantage of her being nearby and finish up the meal with nursing.  I will feed 2x's daily Thu  & Fri and increase to 4 times spaced out throughout the day by the weekend.  Feedings will be 7 am, noon, 5 and 10 pm.  The are on a Performatrin Ultra Grain Free - this food is suitable for all stages of a dog's life -it is the food Jazz is on so the transition should be very good.  Jazz will continue to have 24 hour accesss to her puppies for the next few weeks -until the weaning process starts.
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