DOB:  DECEMBER 5, 2006

INT CH Non-Stop Domino x HjCh, HshCh Nadbereki Rubin Bella


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Health Clearances:

Hips:  BVA 7:7  HD B

Elbows:  BVA 0:0

Eyes:  Clear

Heart:  Normal

Dinnye is THE perfect golden!  She is a great ambassador of the breed. 
We bought her as a 3 year old, from Krisztina Suli, Bonett Bride Kennel in Hungary.
She had obtained her Junior Championships in Hungary and Romania.  Dinnye
 has the kindest gentlest of dispositions...there are no strangers in
Dinnye's life - she expects love from everyone.
She is a retrieving machine...loves
to fetch balls or sticks from water...she is a very strong swimmer. She is also
our most vocal golden...she loves to tell us a story.
  We are forever grateful
to Beata Grasseli for connecting us with Krisztina to bring Dinnye to Canada.

Dinnye has whelped one litter - May 2010.  There have been several failed breedings,
from sterile males to failed A.I.s...we are looking forward to her next litter which we estimate
will be April 2013.

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