Hard to believe we'll have puppies in the next 7-10 days!  Can hardly wait.  Going over my checklist of what I need to get and have on hand.  Glad I keep notes on the litters and their births...easy to forget some of the details.  Dion looks great...she has slowed down big time...has quite a waddle going on, but is in good spirits...follows me around like a shadow.  She is gaining nicely - added 1 1/4 inches to her girth for a total of 37.25 inches (94.62 cms).  We are going for daily walks...the distance has reduced and so has the pace - it's more of a meandering.

Jazz is expected to cycle any time now....she will be paired with Duke (Multi CH Tramin Karnaval)  Very excited about this combination...outstanding pedigrees...outstanding conformation and temperament...very high expectations for this upcoming litter.  I still have a few reservations I can take - 2 females and 1 male.

The 3rd and last litter of the year will be either Dinnye or Gloria and the pairing will be with Romeoa (Dreamkeeper Luv at Chryshaefen)