What a great day.  With Dion on day 64 of her pregnancy, I must admit I was a bit concerned.  Had visions of an emergency c section, which thank goodness, wasn't needed.  The night was uneventful...but Dion was a bit different in the morning...I had slept on the couch in the sunroom with a blanket spread on the floor for Dion - I was determined not to miss any births.  At 7 am I left the room for a minute and when I returned, Dion was lying on the couch, her head on my pillow.  She was hard to move off...I think she thought that the couch was a good a place as any to have puppies...then again she also thought under a building, behind a bush, and under the deck were all perfect places to have a litter. 
 At 11:10 am her water broke...first contractions started at 11:20.  Here is the order of the pups and their weights

Ms Pink      12:02p    .356
Mr Blue       12:39p    .375
Mr. Red       12:55p    .318
Mr. Orange    1:05p    .284   small but strong
A bit of a break - she fussed over the puppies - did not want me to put them in a basket - she wanted them right with her

Ms. Blue      2:17p     .316
Mr. Yellow    2:32p     .344
Ms. Red      3:15p      .321
Ms Orange 3:55p      .288
Mr Purple    4:33p      .418
Ms Purple   5:17p      .262
Ms Yellow    6:00p     .376

11 in total  6 females & 5 males. The litter may be smaller in average weight, but the puppies are strong and robust.  They all suckled within 10 minutes of being born, getting that important first milk.  A few puppies were born breach but it didn't present any problems.  This is the kind of litter that could have been born on its own...it was problem free.

We are blessed with 11 pups...a routine pregnancy and delivery....very thankful for this.   I am on holidays this next week so I can give the puppies all my attention.  Now I need to make sure Dion leaves the puppies to eat her own food...very important she eats enough calories to feed the hungry mouths.  I will also boil chicken pieces and give her the broth....sure way she will take in enough fluid.

I'm exhausted...going to bed but will set my alarm to check on the puppies...worst fear always is that mom lies on one of her little ones.