This is a tough one to post.  We were handed a huge disappointment - or more accurately - 3 disappointments with the ultrasounds yesterday.  Vet confirmed that there were no puppies.  Moving forward, we will try again with their spring cycle.
Dion will start her heat around middle of January - we will try Duke again, working closely with our vet to ensure our best chance of a litter. I have sent emails to people on my waiting list asking to transfer their spot to Dion's litter.  If I did not email you, and should have, please let me know!

While we are sad about not having puppies in January, we will learn from the process and continue with the next cycles.  We are sorry to disappoint the families who were waiting for a puppy - I believe they are worth the wait and hope that most will wait with us till the next litter.

Happy New Year!