The designer litter is on the move....still quite wobbly but game to manoever their way around their room.  Up until yesterday their world was a 4 x 8 whelping box - we have now opened it up so they can explore their room - about 10 x 10.
Some are more advernturesome than others...some show their insecurities by growling a lot...all and all they are embracing the extra space.   They can still go to their box - can lie on the blanket that's on the floor....we put shavings on the floor to help keep the floor and them clean.  It makes clean up very easy also, although Jayda is still eating their excretement....she will do this until they are on solid food...then I will be the one to clean up after them.
Their teeth are oh so close to cutting through...with a few of them I think they have just started...certainly by mid week their teeth will have come in.  Wednesday is the first day I will introduce them to a meal of softened puppy food blended to a smooth mush.    The heaviest puppy is 1.74 kgs (3.8 lbs) and the lightest is 1.17 kgs (2,57 lbs)  This is fairly normal - the smallest will catch up quickly once on solid food.