2 weeks old and their eyes are open.  I'm sure they're not seeing everything yet, but it is exciting that the eyes are open.  Their hearing is improving too...they are responding to noise, especially where it concerns their mom.  Jayda is very attentive and very concerned when I hold a pup....today I tried cutting nails while she was in the room with me...don't think I'll do that again...she kept on nosing the puppy or my hand...think she wanted me to put it back with the others.  Puppies are good eaters - heaviest is 1.15 kgs. This next week we will see more periods of being awake...more moving around the whelping box....more attempts at wobbly walking instead of dragging their bodies around.  I will start feeding them a mush of softened puppy food when they are about 3.5 weeks old - teeth will have come through by that time and their demands for food will be pretty high by that time.  Jayda is eating more than double than what i would normally feed her.  There is still 1 male puppy left to reserve, due to a change in reservation.