11:00 am Nov 30 - and we're waiting...spent the night on watch with Jazz...her temperature dipped to 37.2 in the evening so we thought this past night the birthing would start.  Her temp went up a bit during the night....she is definitely in the first stages of labor...uncomfortable and heavy panting. All we can do is keep her comfortable and look for the next stage to start...contractions are visible so that is what I am watching for.
Tomorrow is December 1 and that date has memories...Dec 1, 2000 our golden Leeah had 17 puppies....yes 17, that is not a typo.   What an experience that was...all 17 lived and were eventually sold...We needed to supplement feed although Leeah tried her best to feed them all....Paige, Brooke and myself split the clock and took shifts with bottle feeding.  Although it was a great experience, it's not one that I want to repeat!