The journey of hope continues...our special girl Ms. Blue had a 3 week evaluation yesterday. She was a hit at the vet office. Two vets examined her...cleft lip/palette has grown some but was still deemed repairable.  Neurologically she checked out perfectly....the concern is her eyes that haven't opened.  The vets couldn't make a satisfactory assessment as it was hard to check the closed eyes...because she was thriving in every other way they asked me to give her another week and bring her back Thursday.  It is possible that the eyes could open...but if not opened by 4 weeks, then the prognosis was grim.  They opened a can of formula and put it in a bowl...she knew what to do...she lapped it up.  The bottles have been put away!

On the way home I came to an intersection where there a church and this sign....really think that God sent me a sign - literally!  So we cling to more ways than one!