Well - they're here!  The Love Litter arrived in fine style - with a little bit of help with my vet. 

Friday morning it was obviou.s around 10:30 am that labor was in full swing...the panting became more intense with each hour.  By 5 pm it didn't look like things were progressing...no contractions so I packed her up and took her to get checked by my vet.  Xray confirmed 6 puppies and that their position was still high up - none had started the journey down the horn to the birth canal.  A last ditch effort was to give her a dose of oxy....to start contractions and encourage a puppy to come out.  After 1/2 hour it was obvious it hadn't worked.  We made the decision to do a c section.
A lot of angst during this time...incredible feeling of responsibility to have a live litter and not compromise Jazz's health.  At 7:30 the puppies were born and given a good rubbing to stimulate them.  3 girls and 3 boys - big puppies again..t..they were so solid to hold.  Jazz came out of surgery really well - was pretty alert as soon as she woke up.  Packed everyone up in my vehicle and headed home.

Jazz was pretty out of it, though alert.  Think she was enjoying the morphine!  I supervised the feedings every 3 hours till morning...Jazz was not going to lie in the whelping box on her own nor was she going to potty them.