We're at day 9 in the lives of the Love litter.  In some ways it seems like a long time and in other ways I blinked and now here we are.  Puppies are gaining weight steadily...some more than others...but all in all I'm happy with how things are progressing.  The eyes are becoming slits that will open soon.  They are sensitive to light...I take many pictures and they react to my camera flash.  By Wednesday I expect the eyes will be open.

Today's weights:

Ms Fushia  926 grams; Ms Purple  890 grams; Ms Blue  550 grams
Mr Green 926 grams; Mr Orange  930 grams; Mr Yellow  892 grams

Jazz is an excellent mother...very attentive to their needs.  She is spending time outside of their space in the outdoor kennel...very quick to go back inside if any are squeaking.

Feeding Hope has become routine...she's sucking from the bottle well - 3/4 ounce every 4 hours...her gains are not as big as the others but still good...she will make up that time when the puppies start on solid food.

On Friday I delivered Juneau (Dion x Oz July 2013 litter) to a meeting place where a couple from Lethbridge picked him up.  He will call Alberta his home.  He was not a good fit for the family he was with so it was important to match him with the right situation.  Looking forward to updates from the Klok family.