7 weeks is coming upon us...where did he last 7 weeks go?  Not ready for the puppies to leave yet...went a bit camera crazy today....have posted many pictures on the Goldsmith Facebook page...will also post them on the Dream Litter page.
Puppies range from 9.75 lbs to 13 lbs....with most in the 12 pound range.  Jazz is now feeding them only twice a day...will reduce once daily on the weekend and be totally done by mid week. This past weekend she let me know that she needed to do less.  Mom always knows best.  There are two puppies that escape their pen every day - they've figured out how to hoist themselves over the barrier...Ms. Pink and Mr. Green are the culprits...Mr. Orange joins them once in a while....the rest watch and whine about being on the other side.  Lots of playing and play play fighting going on..Mr. Orange is a barker...so is Mr. Green.  My favorite place is sitting in their pen surrounded by these bundles of fur..a few go straight for the shoelaces....a few tug at my pantlegs...one or two will curl up in my lap....puppy heaven!