We're within two weeks for estimated due date for the Designer Litter.  Philomena arrived pregnant about 10 days ago  - she has made the transition with ease and grace.  She is a very happy content golden.  Her belly has grown 3 inches since she arrived....a good appeltite to say the least.  4-6 pups are expected...fingers crossed that they will be strong and healthy and Philomena will whelp them with no trouble.  As for the name Philomena, it just isn't rolling off my tongue like I hoped...Philly was what I thought I would call her, but it just isn't feeling right.   I have decided on "Jayda"...after one of the great females in her pedigree.  
As we wait for the due date, we are also waiting for 3 of the girls to come into heat....Dion is late as usual - her cycle is in that 9-12 month range...September would be 1 year...so any time now.  This will be her last litter..  Jazz is a little more predictable...more in the 7-8 month range ...she should cycle in October/November - this is also her last heat.   Juno should cycle in the next month.   Depending on timing, my plan is to breed 2 of the three girls.