I am very thankful for many things in my life...my husband, children, grandchilden, my job, friends,my life, and the freedom we enjoy living in Canada.     Am also very thankful for the Designer Litter.  They have been an easy litter to whelp and to raise...it doesn't get better than this!  As a breeder, we deal with many different situations - from still born pups; pups that have been laid on by mom; cleft palettes, water head, puppies born with no eyes, puppies that don't grow in first 4 weeks of life...and there's other situations that I haven't even encountered....as long as I'm breeding, there'll be more situations to go through.  Every litter is an education in puppy raising...sometimes the education is with the people you are entrusting to give your puppy a forever home.  

Only one more week before this litter leaves for their homes.  I will enjoy them every day and will be sad when they leave.
I have planned a few play dates this week also for co workers and friends to get their puppy fix.

Looking forward to meeting some people I have only emailed/spoken via phone...always great to meet people in person, whenever possible.