Another big day for the pups.  We choose to identify our pups by tattoing their right ear...a breeder friend of mine has the equipment and has been tattoing my litters for many years.  Today was the day - pups got another car ride - they did pretty good - just a couple of whiners on the way there.  As I post pictures this week, you will see some spots of green ink from the tattoing process - it comes off eventually.  The ear will have:   ENF       A      Numbers 1 - 11 will be in between the letters.

Also weighed the pups today - here are the results
Mr. Blue 4.76 kgs (10.95 lbs)                       Ms Blue 3.62 kgs (7.96 lbs)
Mr. Purple 4.3 kgs (9.89 lbs)                         Ms Purple 3.62 kgs (7.96 lbs)
Mr. Green 3.62 kgs (7.96 lbs)                       Ms Green 2.67 kgs  (5.74 lbs)
Mr. Orange 3.87 kgs (8.51 lbs)                    Ms Orange  2.60 kgs (5.72 lbs)
Mr. Red 4.44 kgs (9.77 lbs)                          Ms. Brown  3.36 kgs  (7.73 lbs)
                                                                        Ms Pink      3.33 kgs   (7.66 lbs)

The countdown is on...first puppy is leaving Friday with more on the weekend.  Looking out the window in the last few days, I realized the puppies are big...when did that happen?

It's been a perfect Labor Day Monday - love the temperature today!  Puppy proofed the outdoor pen one more time, as Ms Orange sniffed out another place to get out.  It's been 36 hours now and she has not escaped...I think I have fixed it permanently.  Feeling pretty good outsmarting a 7 week puppy!