Sep 29

2.54 cm (1 inch) growth this week. - grand total of 85.86 cms aroud Gloria's girth.  Day 51 of gestation.  Her abdomen is very hard - I've been feeling for movement but haven't detected any yet.  Gloria looks very pleased with the process - like she has this big secret.  I've reduced our walks to 1 mile - all Gloria can handle right now - our pace is slower than normal - it's now more of a casual stroll.  Her appetite has increased and she's a little more content just laying around the back yard these days.  Sunday was  her last trip to our cabin for the next few months.  She loves it there and had a stand-off with us this past Sunday.  It was time to go and the hatch to my vehicle was open for the dogs to jump in.  She took one look at me - waddled onto the deck and sat down in front of the cabin door, looking at me defiantly.  She was not going home.  The walk down to the river and back up is just too much for her at this stage in the pregnancy.  10 days to her due date - can hardly wait.  Have taken a couple of holidays around next weekend so I'll be present for the birth.

p.s.  B.K. - hope you feel better!