Sep 15

Amazing what a week can do with a dog's pregnancy.  1 week after the sonogram and no physical evidence of the pregnancy, Gloria is showing signs!  We were on our daily walk and it was very obvious today that she is bulking up.  I'm sure she understands me when I ask her if she has puppies.  She smiles and looks very pleased - maybe it's just the tone in my voice?  Today is Day 37 of gestation - her girth measured 76.2 cms (30 inches)

Here's a tidbit not related to the pregnancy.  Last Friday's Winnipeg Free Press ran a story about a golden retriever from Winnipeg having a record 17 puppies.  In the article it mentioned that the Canadian Kennel Club verified that there was one other litter of 17 registered so this tied the record.  This is when I started chuckling and walking down memory lane.  In December 2000, our Sprucegrove Leeah had 17 puppies - all healthy - all raised and sold to families.  What an experience!