It's been a while since I've blogged and even longer since we've had the pitter patter of puppies around.  Well, that's about to change, barring no mishaps during the next pregnancy.  We are happy to announce that our girl Philomena (Golden Romance Memory for Sleepy Song) is confirmed pregnant!  We've been waiting for her to cycle and by our accounts, she was over a month late....she did things on her own terms - had a silent heat which means no bleeding and chose her own mate, which I approve of!  The handsome Tango (Golden Romance Dutch Storm) is the dad. She is still with her breeder in Serbia who noticed was growing a tummy...took her for an ultrasound today (Jul 27) and confirmed she is pregnant - due date would be August 29, 2015.  She will fly to me w/o Aug 3 - so excited to finally meet her and super excited that we will have puppies again.