Hard to believe 4 weeks have passed by! The puppies go thru the most changes during that month.  I'm very pleased with their development - this is a great litter of pups.  Although there is some size difference, there are many similarities...they all have the same type of coat - full and long.  They're all curious, brave, and adventuresome.  Sunday was the first day I had them all outside on a blanket...there have been previous litters that are scared and won't step off the blanket...this litter ran off the blanket to explore the yard.  Being outside gives all their senses a workout...fresh air...grass beneath their feet...sky overhead instead of a roof...lots of new sights, sounds, and smells.   They have great appetites...I am feeding them 3 times a day and Dion supplements when she wants...I am making a gruel out of puppy food soaked in hot water and pureed in a blender.  By the weekend they will be on a 4 time/day feeding schedule and the puppy food will just be soaked.  Next week I'll start reducing Dion's feeding time with them.  I am feeding them Performatrin Life Stages for large puppy. - available at Pet Valu stores.