6 weeks old and a lot of fun. I liken them to a "herd"  They are very tuned in to noises - when they hear the gate that leads into the dog area I can hear 44 feet scampering to their door waiting for me.  Sitting with 11 puppies is also very interesting - they all want a piece of you - some immediately start nibbling on my shoes, pulling at my t-shirt or shorts...some climb on to your lap, some jump up, and some sit and just look at you.  Thankful there aren't any real biters (yet)  

6 week portraits were done - excuse my lack of expertise when it comes to stacking the puppies.  We did the best we could!  The picking process has begun - #1 and #2 females have been picked with more to follow.    Vet visit is on Wed morning - my SUV holds 2 large dog crates - which will comfortably hold 11 puppies....it will most likely be a loud ride - only 1/2 hour but it is their first time in a moving vehicle.  I normally have the tattooing done immediately after at another place but that didn't work out so they will have another ride in a few days after the vet appt.

The puppies will be ready to go to their new homes by Sept 8 - if there are any that would like them a bit sooner,  a few days before will be okay.  It's at this stage when they are learning to play with their littermates  - an important time in their development - they teach each other how to play nice.

Dion is separated from them now....I have been letting  her nurse them 3-4 times a day - willr reduce that to 2 times this week and will be totally weaned by next weekend.  They are also on puppy food that has just been wettened (is that a word)  It's been hot this week so there were a few meals that did not go very well.

Puppies that will fly to their new homes can go after they turn 8 weeks.