Oct 6

Happy 25th Birthday to our son Vance!  25 years ago we had a huge snow storm several days after he was born.  It is a beautiful 20 degrees today!  Gloria is continuing to "grow"  Girth is 91.44 cms (36 inches)  Another inch!  Her shape isn't so comical anymore - she's filling out now so it's a little more uniform.  She is starting to be a bit uncomfortable, though is still game to retrieve a ball in the backyard.  Her temperature was 37.7 Celsius (99.6 F) at noon today.  I am going home during the lunch hour to check on her - pretty confident the birth won't happen before the weekend.   If my estimated due date is out by a couple of days, it could be next week.  And if her birthing follows the same path as many of our other litters, it could be an all nighter - births notoriously start late evening, or the wee hours of the night - it's very rarely a 9 am - 5 pm process.  It's all good as long as the puppies are healthy.  Our lives are about to change for the next 2 months again - can hardly wait!