Oct 22

Where did the week go?  This is a dream litter - all are healthy, feeding well - most are content - a few noisy whiny pups - complaining when the milk doesn't flow fast enough.  Chunky!  That was the word that came to mind this morning when I was changing blankets in the whelping box.  75% of the puppies have such a solid weight to them.  They're travelling all over the whelping  box - eyes are starting to show slits - should be open by the time they turn 2 weeks old - on Oct 26.  They are becoming sensitive to light...especially when I'm using the flash for pictures.  I've posted a few new ones on the home page as well as on the current litter page.  For every one I post, I have about 50 that I don't ever use.  There's a photo op everytime you spend time in their space - from tiny yawns to paws around a shoulder to noses nuzzling together while they sleep.  The twitching is hilarious - the twitching is also a sign of a healthy puppy so twitch away.  Gloria is the perfect mother - attends to ever cry and obviously is feeding them well.  What has surprised me the most is that Dinnye can walk up to the puppies any time and Gloria doesn't mind.  I had her pegged as being an overprotective mother.  I'll weigh the puppies tomorrow and post weights.  I do know that the pink girl and red boy have doubled their weights - I suspect I'll add a few more to the list tomorrow.