Oct 2

What a beautiful day here in Southern Manitoba.  Just back from a walk with the dogs...this is Gloria's last day of mile walks - around the block plodding until she whelps.  Her pregnancy shape was quite humorous today -tried to capture it with my camera - just doesn't do it justice.  She gained another inch since Wednesday - grand total of 88.9 cms.  It looks like the weight has started to shift towards her back end - maybe explains the comic book character like shape.  We're now at the stage where it would be safe for the puppies to be born.  Ordered a new whelping box - promised me I'd get it before next weekend - whoo hooo!

Gloria has been carrying around what looks like a newborn dead bird - maybe part of the nesting behavoir.  By mid week I'll start taking her temperature 3 times daily - good indicator of how close she is to labour.  Regular dog temperature isn 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.  Fluctuations are normal - I'm looking for a dramatic drop below 99F.