Playing with the puppies is definitely my happy place!  They are so much fun right now - very interactive and so excited to see me.  They are pure sweetness right now...that will change as they get older and more aggressive.

The outdoor play periods have been really good.  Today, they moved around with little fear - explored a big part of the yard - of course they were very curious about the two big dogs behind the gate on the deck.

Eating hasn't been the greatest...don't think I've ever had a litter of pups that are not finishing their food every meal.  Today at supper they finally ate everything.  I think this just means mom's milk is still preferred and still is enough for them to gain.  I may have to start limiting her time with them to make sure they are hungry at meal time.  So far I'm feeding at noon, 5 and week I'll add the morning meal.  Their weights are very good so we'll just take this in stride.

Vet appointment is coming up on Fri Oct 2 late afternoon.  They will be vaccinated, checked for hernias; whether testicles have descended; - an overall health check...heart murmurs are also something they listen for.

Will plan for puppy pick/visitation for Sunday Oct 4.  Those who can make the trip in person will pick in order of deposit..where distance is a problem, picks will be made from pictures, video and personality description.