I have found my happy place...it's sitting in the whelping box surrounded by the puppies.  They are so aware of everything around them...first to bark was Mr. Orange.  Ms. Orange, the smallest puppy, continues to escape from their pen.  Their teeth are now erupting from their gums so they will start using those teeth while playing.  Tuesday will be the first day I feed them pureed puppy food.  This next week I will also start taking them for outdoor sessions in our back yard.  At three weeks they have developed nice coats - they are a great looking litter of pups - nice defined heads - they still vary in size but with the feeding of puppy food the smaller ones will catch up quickly.  1 female is still available and looking for her forever home.

I continue to get requests from people, not necessarily people who have reserved a puppy, but more so people considering a puppy - the request is to come see the puppies now.  We are very careful with who/what we expose the puppies to during their first 6 weeks of their life.  There is the risk of puppies being mishandled, dropped, stepped on, frightened, and their mom Dion is still very much in the protective mode with her babies  - added stress could affect her milk production.  There's always the risk of bringing some kind of disease to the puppies.  And honestly, at 3 weeks, the puppies are not really showing a lot of personality...they're just starting.  So we will be firm about this because we believe it is in the very best interest of the puppies and we ask that you respect our decision.