I've had several emails and phone calls with people asking about Ms. Yellow - out of concern for her well being.
She is doing marvelously - what a trooper!  Her wires were removed on Monday - she was put under again - the top bone in her jaw is dead so the dead bone was cut out.  The upper jaw will not grow any more and with the bottom jaw continuing to grow, she will not have the classic beautiful golden retriever looks.  Her bottom jaw will protrude giving her more of a bulldog profile. She will have a look all of her own - her breathing sounds better - you can still here it and that won't ever go away.  So my dilema is what to do with her?  As much as I'd like to keep her for myself, I think it would be best if I could find a good home for her.  I would be willing to GIVE her to someone as their pet - for reassurance of her longterm health, a call to my vet would be possible and encouraged.  She is the most loving pup  - she loves to cuddle - loves to be picked up and carried around.  She has good energy - loves to play - loves to mix it up with the Classic Rock litter - think she has adopted them as her siblings.  She has a real prance to her step - her beauty will be from within.  I'm just thankful she's alive and that her quality of living should be good - she is eating normally and gaining normally.  Let me know if you have an interest in her.