Ms. Yellow is doing just fine!  She is 19 lbs and a solid girl.  The scarring above her nose is moving upwards so that suggests that her face is growing somewhat.  Prognosis by my vet is that her bottom jaw will grow at it's normal rate, but her top jaw, because of the front bone being removed, will not grow, causing a noticable underbite.  While I am very attached to her I would place her in someone's home with for no cost.  Is there a risk?  No one knows how she'll look 6 months from now...a year from now - she's already defied the vet's guess that her growth is stunted.  Her breathing is audible because she mostly breathes through her mouth.  Her personality is the sweetest ever - very loving, energetic - loves to mix it up with the D litter boys - she's like their big sister.