This post is in memory of Mr. Blue.  He was first born on November 30th at 400 grams - a very healthy weight.  To our eyes he appeared healthy.  Day 2 he was a bit of weight wasn't abnormal as Jazz wasn't producing milk at full capacity.  When he lost a bit more on Day 3 I was concerned....I was supplementing him but he wasn't gaining...he went from strong and vigorous to limp and weak.  I supplemented him again on Day 4 - he was eager to receive the milk...but continued to lose weight.  Day 5 it was obvious that he was not going to recover and passed away around 3:30 pm.  He was a trooper - never cried...we can only guess what was wrong.  My guess is fading puppy syndrome...a puppy from Jazz's 2012 litter also had this.  The rest of the litter is strong and robust with healthy daily we're not worried that it's any virus or anything that's contagious.  Always sad when a puppy dies...RIP Mr. Blue.

On a lighter and more positive note, there are 9 puppies that are doing very well.  They are pretty content - the milk is plenty now...Jazz has a great appetite...the puppies have great weight gains.  They have grown so much in just 6 days!  The pigment on the feet and nose are turning black...they are moving around a little more in their whelping box.  They are blind and deaf at birth...their eyes will open around days 10-12.

I will try posting pictures later...yola has been giving me challenges with certain functions so maybe today will be a good day to make changes!