Christmas has come and was celebrated and enjoyed and is now in the rear view mirror.  Life is back to normal, other than I am on holidays this week.  Time to catch up on blogs and taking and posting pictures of the Canadian kids.

Scroll back a few days - specifically to Dec 24.  I had made a 4 week appointment for Ms Purple....I just wasn't happy with her growth, or lack of it.  The vet confirmed my fears - that she was afflicted with some kidney related problems...blood tests were done and certain levels were postitive indicators of severe kidney problems.  With a sad heart, we elected to euthanize's days like this that make me question why I breed.  Then it all comes back into perspective when I walk into the puppy room and see 7 healthy happy puppies.  Grieve, move on, and focus on the living.  Much easier said than done.  

This litter has been an interesting one....not much interest in food until this last weekend.  Halfhearted meals by most....I am used to heads down and inhaling until the last morsel is eaten.  These puppies seem to be more interested in exploring the expanded feeding area.  I think it also took me a while to get the consistency of the puppy food much right also...finiky eaters!  I make a bit extra so when I let Dion back in the room, she eats the leftovers.  The pups take the opportunity to top off the main meal with some dessert.

The puppies are interacting constantly...someone is always playfighting with another and occasionally it gets a little rough....I only intervene if a big puppy is picking on a smaller one.

In the next few days I will be taking pictures individually and posting.