My how they've grown!  Puppies are really thriving and developing into stunning puppies.  Their personalities are just starting to show....they are confident outgoing puppies.  Mr. Orange seems to be the most outgoing at this point.  

It's been a busy week so I haven't taken them outside...the plan is tomorrow, weather permitting.  First great outdoor adventure.  

Puppies are on a 4x a day feeding schedule...7 am, 12 noon, 5 pm and 9-10 pm...very important this schedule is followed in their new the very least 3 meals a day...I am trying a new puppy food for this litter and very happy so far.  Now Fresh Large Breed puppy.....turkey, duck and salmon.  It's a Canadian brand and I buy it at Pet Valu.
It's easy to soak for the way I feeding currently...puppys' coats are really nice....a good indicator of the quality of food...their stool is small and firm - another good sign.  The food is also rated as a 5 out 5 for large breed puppies.

Will add more toys and interactive items for the puppies in the next few weeks - they are curious by nature and love to explore.

Vet appointment and tattooing is scheduled for Oct 9th.  I plan on taking individual pictures this weekend and will post.

Yesterday's weights"
Ms Fushia  3.11 kgs or 6.84 lbs;  Ms Purple  3.11 kgs or 6.84 lbs
Mr Yellow  3.22 kgs or 7.08 lbs    Mr Green  3.26 kgs  or 7.17 lbs     Mr. Orange  3.41 kgs  or 7.5 lbs