How did we get to this point - the Love Litter has gone from little needy puppies to big beautiful pups!  What a lovely bunch of pups....they had their first outdoor adventures this week - weather and my schedule delayed that first a rule they see the outdoors at 4 weeks of age.  What a difference a week five weeks they are off and running around - exploring every leaf that moves....tearing around the yard.  At four weeks they are hesitant to leave the blanket i put on the ground.  They are confident pups...very loving and affectionate.  Mr Orange and Ms Purple are the more vocal to bark at me when I enter their room or when they're trying to get my attention...the others just sit and look up at me or nibble on a shoelace or pant leg.

These are big pups...will have to check back on Jazz's 2012 and 2013 litters and compare weights at this age..
Weights are recorded with their individual 5 week pictures....can access them from the Love Litter page...the home page, or check the GoldSmith Facebook page - it is a public page.

I love taking the outdoor pictures...especially if I can add some colorful snap 500 pictures in less than half hour is starting to be the norm.

On another note, happy to say that Dion has found a new home...her caregiver gave her up and am thankful that a young woman from my community is going to be her "mom"

Dion was bred this week to it didn't happen in a natural way, I drove in to my repro vet in Winnipeg Monday, Wednesday and Friday...fingers crossed that there will be pups Dec 1.  This is Dion's 3rd litter and first time that Romeo has sired a litter for me...very excited to see what kind of pups they will produce.  Expecting a wonderful litter like the Love Litter.

Puppies have their 6 week vet appointment on Thursday afternoon as well as their tattooing.  I will be co-ordinating puppy selection for Thanksgiving weekend also....stay tuned.