It's been a quick 5 days since the birth of the Love Litter.  My days are divided into 4 hour intervals...every four hours around the clock,  I hand feed Hope, our cleft lip/palette's been a bit of trial and error as to how fast/how slow I should feed much is enough and how much is too much.  Have found the right formula/method.  Syringe feeding is slow but by using it I don't get formula in her nasal cavity..she is very squirmy and impatient as I have to reload the 9mml syringe many times...3/4 ounce each feeding is perfect - total of 4.5 ounces in a 24 hour period.  That amount will increase as her weight does.

The other 5 pups are chunky...Jazz's milk must be very rich and plentiful...there's some serious weight to some of them.

The Boys:  Mr. Green  680 grams, Mr Orange 742 grams, Mr Yellow 720 grams
The Girls:  Ms Blue  500 grams, Ms Fushia 748 grams, Ms Purple 712 grams

Puppies will double their birth weight by 7-10 days old...these puppies are certainly on track to do that.  Ms. Blue may take a little longer.

For those of you who do not know, puppies are born blind and deaf.  Eyes will open at the 10-12 day mark..ears will open shortly after.  IT is amazing how they travel across the whelping box...their sense of smell must be very keen because they always know when mom enters the box.  Newborn puppies cannot regulate their own body temperature until after 2 weeks old...their area is 28-30 degrees...after two weeks I will lower the temperature gradually.

Jazz is a terrific mom...after a rough start, she has settled in and tends to every squeak and squeal...keeps the box meticulously clean...moms will ingest her puppies' excretement until they are on solid foo.Now that is unconditional love!