At 7 weeks old, we're in the home stretch with the Love Litter.  7 weeks goes by quickly and it's an amazing 7 weeks when you look back at pictures from August 29 and compare them to now.  Very proud of these puppies...big and beautiful and healthy...cannot ask for more.  

I don't think this group of puppies has had an off day or off meal...every feeding is met with such gusto and they eat as though it's the last meal of the day.  They are nursing only 2x's a day - will go down to 1x daily this next week.  Jazz still loves to spend time in their pen....very content to let them nurse - then lie down and let them crawl over her...bite her ears, tail and whatever moves...she is gentle when she play fights and this is a very important part of their social development...she firmly lets them know who's the boss.  They are much more aggressive as a groiup - when I sit down to play with them, they are very mouthy - trying to nip my hands...when I give out a yelp or an ouch, they stop in their tracks and stare at me...the idea is to mimick the interaction of their littermates - when a puppy plays too rough, they yelp and remove themselves from the play.  I can take each one of the puppies and cradle them in my arms and they are very content to lie on their backs and look up at me.

Next week I will host a evening for co-workers and their families - a chance to hold, cuddle and play with puppies.  The two that are flying to their new homes will have another vet visit to obtain their "fit to fly" certificate. Our grand daughter Chandra loves to run around the yard encouraging the puppies to run after her.  

Happy to report that Ms Pink will be joining a family north of Winnipeg.  This family was waiting for the outcome of Ms Blue (Hope) and when that didn't work out they transferred to our upcoming litter.  They were thrilled when they saw Ms Pink had become available....think this was meant to be.  They bought a female puppy Luna from Jazz's first litter and she died from a farm accident earlier this year...they were hoping to get a half sister.

Dion x Romeo - I still have a few male puppies to reserve for this litter due Dec 2.