We're at 17 days and now the fun begins.  Eyes opened a few days ago, with the exception of Ms Blue, the cleft palette girl.  They are starting too...she needs a bit more time.  With the eyes opening, they start reacting to things they are seeing...they look up at me in puzzlement and probably wonder what planet did I come from.  They seem to be a gentle group so far...a few of them seem to play the role of protector/big brother by wrapping themselves around Ms Blue - quite tender to watch - its like they know she is more fragile than them. 

They have just started to interact with each other - not teeth yet so it's more mouthing each other than anything.  They are also responding to me.when i sit down to bottle feed Hope they are aware of me...they are responding to noise too...it's a whole new world for them with more senses to use.

This next week they will get more stable on their legs and walk more...so far it's more pulling themselves across their box.  Jazz has been feeding them mostly by sitting on her haunches...this is new for me - normally dogs lie down...mom knows best I guess because by sitting the five can all nurse quite comfortably.  Next week she will start standing for them and they will need to balance on their hind legs while they nurse.

Hope's Journey - it was a tough week with Hope....on Thursday I thought we were going to lose her.  The 5 pm feeding was refused by her...she was quite limp - was shivering visably.  I prepared myself that she may not be with us much longer.  I took her inside - put her in a box with a warmed up rice bag...I was going to keep her comfortable and see what happened from there.  At 8:30 she started squeaking...heated up formula and she had a good feeding...the next one went well also...She lost some weight that day and has just now caught up again.  Today is the first day I can say that I can see she has grown.  She is much smaller than the others.  She is strong and feisty again....it gives me hope that I can take care of her needs until 8 weeks....not sure how the solid food is going to work...will consult with some of my breeder groups and rely on other breeder's experiences with cleft puppies.

Today's weights

Mr Orange  142 grams or 3.12 pounds   Mr Green  132 grams or 2.9 pounds    Mr Yellow  1.52 grams or 3.3 pounds
Ms Purple  1.33 grams or 2.92 pounds   Ms Fushia  1.4 grams or 3.08 pounds   Ms Blue  600 grams or 1.4 pounds