Almost halfway there!  The Love litter is turning 4 weeks in two days. 
Puppies are very receptive to me and my favorite place in the world right now is to sit in their box and let them crawl all over me...nibble at my shoelaces, pantlegs and of course fingers.  What a nice litter of pups - very even tempered...playful...gentle.  Little Ms Blue picks her fights and is quite feisty...growl and squeals come out of her when she's trying to hold her own with her brothers and sisters.  Weight gains are still good...I've delayed the puppy gruel until tomorrow....Jazz has plenty of milk for the puppies and they're doing well...though according to their complaints, she doesn't feed them enough....I will serve up the first meal of puppy mash tomorrow evening - sure it will be received with gusto.
Tomorrow is also another evaluation for Hope, or Ms Blue.  Her eyes have not suspicions are that she has hydrocephalus...many of her actions/symptoms seem to line up...we talked about it last week...will bring it up again tomorrow.

This weekend we will broaden their living spaces and move them into the big puppy room.  They are ready for more space.  I will also take them outside in our backyard for their first outdoor experience.