Great week for the Love appointment on Thursday went well...not perfect but still good.  They are all healthy and weighed in heavier than any other puppies I've raised to this point.  Ms Pink has a Grade 1 heart murmer...hardly predicts it will be gone before the next vaccinations are done.  Mr Green's testicles have not descended...lots of time for that to happen...does not affect his life at all.  My vet was very pleased with the puppies...her first remark when she saw them was "Delores, they look like they're 8 weeks old"  This isn't something I try to do...would actually prefer for them to be a bit lighter...between the good quality puppy food and Jazz's milk, they're big puppies.  After the vet appointment I drove to a fellow breeder who tattooed their right ears...if you seem some green marks around their heads in pictures, that is from the green goes away after about a week.

This weekend was also important in the Love Litter's life....their forever families have made their picks.  Ms Purple was picked by the Holden family; Mr Orange was first pick for the De Mesa family; The Ryan family from Florida picked Mr. Yellow and Mr Green will travel to Vancouver to join the Drake family.   That leaves Ms Pink...I did have a reservation for her but a week ago I decided to return the deposit as I did not like how the relationship was going...I have not done this often but at the end of the day I have to be confident about where my puppies are going.  So Ms Pink is available!

Puppies now have access to an outdoor pen...they can be outdoors when I am home and can supervise...they love to nibble on the branches, chase leaves and climb in and out of a small hollow in the ground...amazing what amuses them.  Next week I will stop blending their puppy food...still soak it but leave it in soft chunks...this is another step in the final goal of them eating dry kibble.    Jazz is starting to play with her puppies...she is so gentle with's fun to watch.

6 week weights for the Love Litter

Mr. Yellow    11 lbs 2 oz.
Mr Green      11 lbs 4 oz.
Mr. Orange   11 lbs 10 oz
Ms Purple     10 lbs 13 oz
Ms Pink         10 lbs 10 oz

They will put on about 1 lb every 2 by the time they leave for their homes they could be around 18 lbs!

Happy Thanks Giving !  There is lots to be thankful about!