Big week for the Love Litter.  They said goodbye to their sister; their living area was expanded in a big way; and they were started on softened puppyfood.  That's  lot of change in one week.  They are loving their extra space...they are now very steady on their feet.  They loved the food the second their noses dipped in to try it..a little tentative at first but all it needed was one taste!  They aren't drinking as much water as I would like...they seem to be a bit wary of the big silver shiny dish.  
We did not get outside like i had intended...ran out of time on Saturday and Sunday was basically a write off with the rain we had.  It will happen this week.

Weights from Sep 27:
Ms Fushia  2.43 kgs               Ms Purple   2.66 kgs
Mr Green   2.5 kgs      Mr Orange  2.64 kgs   Mr Yellow   2.5 kgs

Today was first attempt with mating Dion to Romeo.  Rome is not living up to his reputation so I have scheduled an A.I appointment in winnipeg tomorrow afternoon.  Will repeat the A.I. on Wednesday and hope that puppies will be the reward.