While we've enjoyed a nice break in between litters, I am starting to get excited about the upcoming birth of the Canadian Litter.  With Dion living in my home town, I can stop by weekly to check on her pregnancy.  I measure her girth weekly and she is growing nicely.  Girth measure 38 inches or 96.52 cms.  This is an interesting measurement as  her previous pregnancy of 11 puppies had her girth at about 38.5" at full term.  Dion and Romeo come from the same kennel in Ontario - hence the choice of the theme Canadian. This will be Romeo's first litter for us so really impatient to see what traits he will contribute to the litter.  One thing for sure, since they are both loveable sweethearts, the puppies are sure to have that true golden temperament.  Dion will stay with her caregiver until about a week before her due date...she will then join us and we can get her settled for her delivery.  She has had two litters so far - 9 and 11 puppies with natural births.  I am so hoping she can do his naturally again...our last couple of litters have needed c sections...can definitely do without that angst.