We're excited to announce that Dion is pregnant and expecting around July 13.  This is great news after 2 failed breedings earlier this year.  Dion is carrying the extra weight and back to her better than average appetite.  She usually has her head in her bowl before I can even set it on the ground.  A few weeks ago she went a week of not being interested in her food...can be a sign of pregnancy.  Her appetite is good again and she is steadily gaining weight.  Will take some measurements so I can monitor how much she is gaining around her girth - usually a good indicator of how many puppies she is carrying.  Dion has only had 1 litter of 9 puppies - March 2011.  

We expect Jazz to cycle in the first few weeks of July for September puppies.  We plan on mating her to the handsome Duke and predict this litter will be outstanding in confirmation and temperament.

Gloria and Dinnye will cycle in August and we will make a decision as to which one to mate.  Both are turning 7 this year and will be their last litter.