I have found my happy place again - sitting in the whelping box with my eight furry friends climbing all over me, sniffing me, licking my leg, tugging on my shoestrings and of course that wonderful puppy breath.  And the play fighting has begun!  Fun to watch them interact - see if there's a bully...who likes to bark at everything.  They are so alert - at attention as soon as we enter their room.  Jazz is spending more time away from them but is still attentive to their needs.  Took some beautiful pictures today which I'll post later today.  Puppies now fit the collars I bought - always makes them appear older when you put a collar on.  Teeth haven't come out yet, but oh so close - can feel the bumps on the gums waiting to erupt.  Jazz is spending more time nursing standing up which makes the puppies balance on their back legs while trying to nurse.  In a few days I'll move them into a larger space in another room - they're not quite ready but have had a couple of escape artists that have found their way out of the box.  All the puppies have more than doubled their weight at 18 days.  At this point all 6 girls are spoken for...have 2 males left to reserve.