How soon you forget from one litter to the next the biting stage of the litter.  At 5 and 1/2 weeks, we enter the excessive biting phase - anything and everything is fair game - and that includes my hands, toes, ankles(gives true meaning to the term ankle biters) my nose, face or whatever body part they can latch onto.    The pups are very adventuresome and brave - now walking and running all over the back yard.  Most of the time it's because they spy one of the adult dogs and give chase - some of the time it's their innocent curiosity  thankfully they haven't decided to go 8 separate ways yet!    They play hard then fall asleep - a typical evening at the Smith place is me sitting at the patio table with 8 sleeping puppies around me - that is, of course only after they have played for an hour.  They have discovered under the steps of the deck - fast becoming a favorite spot for the pups to play and sleep under.    Their appetites are ferocious - they attack every meal as though it's their last meal.  They get to snack on Jazz in between - weights average around 5 1/2 pounds - when they leave at 8 weeks they will pretty much have doubled this weight!