Well, we're pretty sure Jazz is expecting!  She had a poor appetite for about 10 days...starting at about 3 weeks into gestation.  She was also very affectionate and   clingy...In the first 4-5 weeks you don't have much to go by other than subtle changes in behavoir.  We chose not to do an ultrasound, knowing that if we were patient for an extra week, pregnancy would be obvious.
Jazz's appetite is back and her teats are growing..She measured 33.5 inches at her girth...will continue to measure weekly. 

Bit of a sad day a week ago...we decided to rehome Romeo...a family came out to meet him and took him home.  Everything is going well - they love him!  It makes me very happy that he is in a great family's home....I do miss him...he was a big teddy bear! 
I am also looking to rehome Dion....if you know of anyone who would be interested, let me know.