2:55 am - first girl was born - but let me back this up a bit.  July 19 - Jazz was restless - lot of heavy panting - looked like the first stages of whelping.  Her rectal temperature kept normal so I thought, okay, I'm going to be able to sleep all night.  The mother-to-be's temperature drops significantly in the hours before she starts contractions.  We got her comfortable and i went to bed at 12:30 - Paige had first watch - at 2 am I got out of bed - hadn't slept- something just didn't seem right.
Checked Jazz and could see that she was pushing.  Her body was working hard to push that first puppy out - we could see the head but she didn't seem to be dilated enough - we were quite concerned at this point - in a few minutes she was able push out the head and with a little bit of help from me, on the next push freed the body - a beautiful girl weighing .484 grams;
Jazz took her sweet time delivering the next girl at 3:55 am  .454 grams; Another hour passed and at 4:50 am #3 girl was born .394; @ 5:18, the 4th girl was born .421 grams; and at 5:55 #5 girl entered the world at .532 grams - big girl!  I was giddy at this point with 5 girls - had the makings of a dream litter!  Back to her slower pace, the first boy was born at 6:55 am  .471 grams;  The 6th girl was born at 7:59 am weighing in at .471.  Jazz wanted to go outside between every puppy to relieve herself - had to make sure she didn't squat any puppies outside!  #7 girl was born at 9:21 am .451 and the 2nd boy and last puppy made his grand entrance at 9:55 am .468.