It's like it happens overnight - puppies change from pink noses and pink pads on feet, blind and deaf to black noses, pads - eyes wide open and reacting to noises.  They look like little dogs now - the coats are coming in and they are moving around their whelping box.  The flash of my camera, which goes off alot, gets a reaction from them. There's a photo op every time I walk into their room. At two weeks, I can let the whelping room get a little cooler - they can now regulate their body temperatures. This next week they will walk more on their legs instead of pulling themselves - they will start interacting with each other more instead of just cuddling.
There weights as of July 27:
Ms. d. green   751g (484g at  birth)
Ms. d. pink     850g (458g at birth)
Ms. l. pink      821g (394g at birth)   she has more than doubled her weight!
Ms yellow      921g  (532g at birth)
Ms Orange     851g  (451g at birth)
no color          840g  (471g at birth)
Mr purple        874g  (474g at birth)
Mr no color     820g  (481g at birth)

For identification purposes, I brush nail polish on their backs - that is how I identify them.  They will be big enough next for the collars I bought .