Its a new world for the puppies with eyesight and hearing intact.  They get animated when mom is around and when they hear my voice.  Mr. Orange likes to seek me out when I'm close by.  Some are giving a little woof when they hear my voice - its too cute to describe.  Their little tails are starting to wag.

While they still sleep most of the day away in between feedings, their periods of being awake have increased.  They are starting to mouth at each other...gum a littermate's fur.  Teeth will poke through by middle of next week.

They have been dewormed once...2nd time will be at 4 weeks.

Jayda is enjoying her periods of freedom outside the whelping box, but always very happy to return and immediately check out the pups to make sure everything is good.  She is eating double her normal amount of food and it seems like it is all going to the puppies.

There is still 1 male puppy to reserve at the time of writing this blog.