1st puppy mush was served up Saturday....and it was a messy one.  Don't recall a litter ever getting so dirty while eating.  The first feeding was a few days earlier than usual....the slower weight gains told me that it was time.  I'm not sure if Dion's milk supply is diminishing a bit...or the fact she is feeding while standing up and the smallest two cannot reach her when standing on their back legs.  They get their own time on mom - I am also giving them milk replacement formula which is being lapped up with gusto.
The first feeding wasn't great...a few ate like pros...most just sniffed around - stepped in it accidently.  The 2nd feeding on Sunday was much better...on my way out after posting this blog to feed for a 2nd time.  Separating the 4 big from the 4 smaller helps the process too.  When they're finished, I let Dion back in to clean up the leftovers...they take advantage of this and nurse.  She licks their faces and paws because she doesn't like it messy.  The puppies are busy licking their own paws and each other's faces.  By mid week I will be feeding 4 square meals a day with Dion feeding them at will between meals.

Puppies are quite mobile now...walking around with steadier legs....they react to me entering a room and like to hang out at my end of the whelping box if i am sitting close by.  They have been really playful...their teeth are now poking through so they are nibbling on anything that moves, including my fingers

I still have concerns about Ms Purple...she is a small girl who isn't growing much...this week could be make or break for her...she's a fighter so I;m hoping that there isn't anything seriously wrong with her.

I'm having some issues adding pictures to some pages so bear with me until I figure out how to fix the problem I have posted pictures on the Goldsmith facebook page